It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a proper channel update and a LOT has changed since the last one, so today I thought I’d go through some of your most frequently asked questions, starting with the Sim Racing Questions, then moving on to some more personal and business-related questions you have regarding the channel.

I hope you find today’s video helpful and insightful.

Topics covered are:

  • Are Triple Screens or VR better for Sim Racing?
  • Is a 49″ Ultrawide better than triple screens?
  • Fanatec vs. Simucube – Which should I buy?
  • Is a Direct Drive Wheel Base worth it?
  • Which Sim Racing Title is the best to buy?
  • How do I record a fixed view while I’m playing in VR?
  • What overlay am I using in my iRacing videos?
  • What is my favourite wheel that I own?
  • Why don’t I just buy a real race car?
  • Do I get the things I review for free and can I keep them?
  • How do I get people to send me stuff for free to review?
  • How am I able to do YouTube full time with under 100K Subscribers?
  • Can I pay you to help me?

Timestamps are in the video description on YouTube…



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