It’s often said that any new competition is a great thing as it boosts innovation and drives prices down, so today I’m very excited to sit down with André Eriksen, the Founder and CEO of Asetek and discuss their big plans in the Simulation space!

Asetek have their roots in enthusiast level PC cooling with André’s invention of the Vapochill phase change CPU cooler back in the early 2000’s, and since then have grown to supply some of the largest OEMS in the computer industry. They also have a rich heritage in motorsport, so combined with their large scale manufacturing capacity, their move into the simulation space is very exciting!

his video is an unpaid collaboration between Boosted Media and Asetek SimSports. Thanks very much to André for taking thew time to sit down with me. You can also catch him and his crew at the 2021 ADAC conference where Asetek SimSports will be teaming up with Phoenix Racing.

Check out Asetek SimSports Website.           Asetek SimSports Facebook Page.           Unofficial Asetek Simsports Owners & Enthusiasts group by Boosted Media

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