For the Truck Sim enthusiast or curious, the MOZA Racing TSW Truck Simulator Wheel certainly stands out!
This 400mm round wheel is the first purpose-built Truck Sim steering wheel from a major sim racing manufacturer.  For those already invested in a Sim Racing ecosystem, the TSW wheel seamlessly integrates with your current MOZA setup or easily converts to other wheelbases with their adaptor kit.  They have also come up with a clever wheel base mount to get an authentic truck wheel position on a table or cockpit.

So is the TSW Truck Simulator Wheel an obvious choice for Truck Sim enthusiasts?  Does it bring enough to the table to dive into Truck Sims for the first time?

We took a close look at the Moza Racing TSW Truck Wheel and jumped in the big rig for a drive to find out!

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Adds immersion to truck sims
Solid construction
Button layout and functionality
Truck Clamp to get a genuine truck wheel position
Adaptor available for other brand wheel bases


Sticker sheet is not nice
Button clicks reverberate through wheel
Dulls force feedback on weaker bases