Logitech’s not so new G923 sim racing wheel has caused quite a stir in the sim racing community, so today we take a detailed look and compare it with the previous generation G920/G29, including a comparison of the wheel and pedal internals to find out exactly what’s changed. Then put TRUEFORCE to the test to see if it’s worth the asking price both for first-time buyers and those looking to upgrade.

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If you’re interested in understanding more about the software and technology behind TRUEFORCE in more detail, check this video out before we move on…

With the significant increase in price from other models, not only are we comparing this to the aesthetically similar G29, G920 and 3 generations old G25 from 2006, but we’re starting to compare this unit to the likes of the belt-driven Thrustmaster wheels, as well as Fanatec’s entry-level CSL Elite range.

So let’s have an in-depth look and see where this added value is hiding.

First of all we spoke to Logitech’s Global Product Manager for Simulation, Richard Neville to address some questions from the Sim Racing community….

Q: Will a firmware update allow TRUEFORCE to work on other wheels?
A: No, it is definitely not possible as we have implemented a closed-loop electronic system as opposed to the open-loop that we had on the old wheels, and beefed up the motor driver as well. Plus, we’ve had to increase the memory on the processor to handle everything.

Q: Are there any additional motors to handle the subtle vibrations that are now possible through TRUEFORCE?
A: There are no additional motors, they are exactly the same motors as we used in the G29 and G920. The improved motor driver is what enables us to produce the extra frequencies for TRUEFORCE.

Q: What is the actual peak torque of this wheel?
A: Peak Torque is the same as it was before, at about 2.2Nm

There has also been confirmation via the Logitech G Twitter account that the G923 will be compatible with Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 (pending final SIE product approval) of the G923

Wheel Comparison
The G923 wheel shares it’s 280mm diameter and leather finish with the G25, G27, G29 and G920, with improved stitching providing a smoother overall finish.

Some features present only on the Playstation compatible G29 and missing entirely from the G920 are now present on both the Xbox and Playstation versions of the G923, including the 24-way rotary dial and Enter, Plus and Minus switches as well as an LED Rev Counter.

Input and output interfacing on the underside has remained the same. Unfortunately, still no external Handbrake accessory is available from Logitech, and no additional provision is made for it in the form of an extra port. Although we never know what we may see in the future.

For those of you who are interested in or currently useing a magnetic shifter or other mods, you’ll be pleased to hear the hub diameter has not changed, making the magnetic shifter and other mod compatible with the G923.

Internally these units appear very similar and as Logitech have stated, are physically identical to each other apart from the new main board to accommodate the increase of bandwidth, processing capacity and memory, as well as increased current capacity in the motor driver circuitry to handle the increase in demand thanks to TRUEFORCE. Interestingly, the power supply itself as well as the motors used are identical to the G29/G920.

Pedal Comparison
As with the previous generation pedals we have a well-designed unit with 6 mounting holes which will fit most rigs. We still have the spikes for added grip on carpet and the ability to reposition pedals for customisation of spacing.

Internal design appears to be the same as G29 and G920 pedals with potentiometers on each pedal as opposed to load cells or hall-effect sensors, however it seems the load cell upgrades that were quite good for the G29 and G920 should work here too.

Looking inside the spring assembly we can see a progressive rate spring used on the brake pedal for the G923. This provides a variation in the spring rate as we push the pedal further into its travel, which gives us more control than that of the linear spring in the previous brake pedal. However it should be noted that similar springs can be cheaply had as an aftermarket accessory for previous models, so this is hardly a compelling reason on its own to upgrade.

Throttle and clutch pedals seem slightly firmer than the old G920 which could just be down to age as we’ve got identical-looking springs for throttle and clutch in the G923 as we had in the G920.

G-hub Software
As with the G29 and G920 we can utilize the intuitive and highly flexible Logitech G-Hub software to customize button assignments, Pedal Sensitivity and wheel settings, which now includes the new TRUEFORCE settings. This is a clean and well thought-out piece of software, making it very easy to start driving with minimal fuss.

Dual Clutch
The easy to use launch assist system new to the G923 allows you to manually set and store the perfect bite point for your clutch, then hit it reliably with the release of a button on launch. It’s a useful tool, which should help with consistent launches.

Driving Test
With TRUEFORCE switched off, the G923 feels pretty much the same as the G920. This suggests that the increased polling rate and additional processing power present is primarily used for TRUEFORCE. And just as with the G920, and older Logitech wheels like the G27 and G25, we’re getting all the details we need to drive fast. Let’s not forget that many of the fastest drivers in sim racing are using these old Logitech wheels.

An issue which can arise from more high-end sim rigs is that the feeling between different sim titles can be quite different, you essentially need to re-train your muscle memory each time you change titles. This lack of consistency is something which has been significantly less of an issue with wheelbases from Fanatec and Logitech in the past, and indeed the new G923. There is also very little setup needed between sim titles with the Logitech wheels.

Being a gear-driven wheel, there is considerably more noise coming from the wheel than that of it’s belt-driven counterparts. While not enough to be a problem for the driver while wearing headphones or with speakers turned up, if you’re in close proximity to someone sleeping or studying it could be a problem.

There is clear improvement with the brake pedal as we expected from the progressive spring. It is much easier to find the correct braking point and establish muscle memory with these pedals than it has been with older models. Making consistent lap times achievable much sooner. But keep in mind once again that there are much cheaper upgrade kits available for the G29 and G920 pedals such as aftermarket springs and load cell kits.

The almost round wheel is great for drifting and push/pull type steering in general, and the 280mm diameter is a good decision, creating the right amount of leverage for the amount of torque available.

The buttons and leather feel and look good, and there is just a small amount of flex in the hub. Not enough to notice when driving, but it is there.

With only two buttons within comfortable reach while driving, this is a missed opportunity to have some more assignable buttons in easy to reach places.

TRUEFORCE Impressions
The big selling point of the G923 of course is TRUEFORCE. Which at launch, is compatible with iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Grid 2019, and on Playstation, Gran Turismo Sport.

First impressions are very positive. While we are not getting additional detail and information which will make you drive faster, immersion is significantly improved. The effects generated by TRUEFORCE are much like what you get from a ButtKicker transducer type system. Having that kind of feedback through your hands rather than through your body seems a strange idea, but your brain adapts quickly, making it feel very natural and creating a really enjoyable experience.

iRacing in particular is a stand out performer in bringing out some of the subtle nuances of TRUEFORCE whereas Assetto Corsa Competizione felt a little more like having a subwoofer under your hands. Grid 2019 being a very fun but more arcade-style game does not have the same quality force feedback as the other titles to begin with, however, TRUEFORCE was still able to bring an extra level of immersion and fun to the overall gameplay.

Going back to a game that is not compatible with TRUEFORCE such as F1 2020, it definitely feels like something is missing.

Overall this product does seem a little too expensive for what it is. While TRUEFORCE is an exciting addition which exceeded my expectations. It seems a little wasted on an otherwise entry-level sim racing wheel which lends itself to the idea that Logitech may have something more high-end up their sleeve in the not too distant future hardware-wise. TRUEFORCE being its own API and requiring specific support from game developers, I can’t imagine it staying limited to just one entry-level wheel.

When pushing into this price range you need to look at spending a little bit more on something like a Thrustmaster Belt Driven wheel or Fanatec CSL Elite package. The overall refinement and quality of force feedback is definitely superior in those.

The Logitech G Hub software is a step above the likes of Simucube or Fanatec when it comes to ease of use. An area which other brands should be looking at.

For those thinking of upgrading from a G29 or G920. You should consider spending that extra money on a transducer system like the ButtKicker Gamer 2, which offers a similar type of feedback but is delivered in a much more natural way through your body, leading to a higher level of realism but at the cost of more complexity. So if you’re looking for a significant upgrade in haptic feedback in the most simple package available, the G923 could be for you.

Similarly, if you’re in the market for your first wheel, the G923 is definitely an excellent product worth looking at, but keep in mind that you don’t have to spend much more to get into belt-driven territory where there are big jumps in quality.

TRUEFORCE is genuinely impressive and it will be exciting to see what this brings in the future.

If you’re interested to learn more about the other options that are available, as well as my recommendations for how to prioritise your spending when it comes to Sim Racing hardware, there are some suggested videos below


Logitech Webstore – https://imp.i125364.net/c/1439202/888346/11355



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