I promised you guys that with moving to doing YouTube full time, I was going to make myself more vulnerable and transparent, and open up about what it’s actually like doing something like this as a job.

Well, this week hasn’t been easy. I always try to do my best to record as many races as I can during a week, then share with you the most entertaining. We all know that the majority of races end up in frustration or are just plain boring and not really “upload-worthy”.

So anyway I spent about 6 hours last night doing my best to record a race for you and got taken out time and time again on lap 1. Finally, after losing 1.2 Safety Rating and after 6 hours, it reached the point where it was 3AM and I had one more opportunity to record a race before I’d have to just give up. Yet again I was taken out from the lead by some lap one hero and I just completely lost it.

So in the absence of any racing videos for week 4, I decided this was a good opportunity to have a bit of a chat about iRacing in general, and why the frustrations we all experience make the highs more enjoyable.

Yes, it can be extremely frustrating at times, but I think all in all they’ve created an awesome system that does a good job of simulating the frustrations real race drivers feel, as well as the driving aspect.

Let me know how you feel about iRacing in the comments.


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