Well guys, it’s happening! BenQ have extremely generously come on board and supplied not one, but THREE EX3501R 100Hz 35in UWQHD Monitors to us so we can upgrade from our single 55in 4K panel to an awesome triple screen setup.

We will be putting together a series of videos around this project, covering everything from unboxing and review of the monitors themselves (this video), to mounting them on our rig, wiring them up, what sort of PC hardware we need to drive them, how to set up the FOV correctly, and whether it was worth the upgrade!

In this, the first video, we will unbox one of the monitors, take you through the features and benefits, including 100Hz, Freesync Adaptive Sync, BI+, USB-C and HDR and put it to the test in HITMAN 2 to see how it performs.

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GRAB YOUR BENQ EX3510R HERE: https://amzn.to/2KQlMHj

Head over to https://www.pagnianimports.com.au/
Use discount code: BOOSTED

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