In a world full of touch screens, we often forget the benefits of a tactile button that you can actually press in certain situations. But what if you could combine the versatility and adaptability of a dynamic touch screen with a tactitle button interface? Meet the Elgato Stream Deck!

This is a product that’s been on my radar for a few months now. I originally looked in to using it as a button box for Sim Racing, but decided it would be too difficult to feel which button you’re pressing without taking your eyes off the road.

Since then I’ve started streaming my sim racing sessions and quickly released it’s very difficult to handle switching scenes, muting audio sources, triggering sounds, etc using keyboard shortcuts, especially while sitting in a simulator cockpit. I began researching control surfaces for Streamlabs OBS and up popped the Stream Deck once again.

It seemed like the perfect solution so this time i bit the bullet and bought one.

In this video I’ll show you how to set the Elgato Stream Deck up for use with Streamlabs OBS, as well as a quick look at some of the other functions, then take you along for a quick test drive to see if it was worth the money.

Let me preface this video by saying this is not a sponsored post in any way. I have no affiliation with Elgato (other than the Amazon affiliate link below) and paid full retail for the product. This video is my honest and unbiased view of the product.


Grab your Elgato Stream Deck HERE:
(A small portion of the sale price goes to helping this channel)