THE WAIT IS OVER! Today I got the Simucube 2 Ultimate all hooked up in my rig and took it for its first drive in iRacing, Raceroom and F1 2019.

I’ve kept this video pretty raw to show the true experience of using one of these for the first time from the perspective of a total n00b. In future videos, we will explore the ins and outs in a lot more detail once I’ve had time to get my head around everything.

There’s so much more to this system than initially meets the eye, and although the first impressions were awesome (particularly in iRacing), I feel like I’m only just scratching the surface of what’s possible with more tweaking and fine-tuning of the vast array of settings available in the Simucube True Drive software.

Initial set-up was very straight forward and I didn’t come across any issues other than struggling to get Raceroom feeling right (we will revisit this later).

Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
HRS Mount and Hardware Installation: 1:25
Initial Software Setup: 5:00
iRacing First Drive: 11:08
Profile Management: 23:25
RaceRoom First Drive: 24:32
F1 2019 First Drive: 31:35
Summary: 38:27


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A MASSIVE thank you to the team at Granite devices, as well as Troy and Brett from Hybrid Racing Simulations, and Martin Ascher from Ascher Racing, as well as all you viewers for making this possible.