Regardless of whether you have a super high end PC, or a budget build, we all want to get the best possible performance out of our games and streams/recordings….

As you would have seen in my videos and streams since I upgraded to triple monitors, I’ve been having some problems getting decent recording frame rates out of OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. Despite having a pretty high end PC, it seemed my massive resolution of 10320×1440 (almost double the pixels of 4K) was just too much to handle along with 3 cameras.

The games themselves run fine, but the recordings were suffering, so I spent almost an entire day experimenting to try and get things smooth.

There’s a lot of videos already out there basically just saying “use my settings”, but nothing that I’ve found that actually explains the settings. Furthermore, what I discovered is that different settings will actually work better depending on the game you’re playing, what you’re trying to record, etc.

So in this video, I take you through what I learned and explain what settings seem to work best for various different scenarios.

Obviously, performance will vary depending on your system and what you’re trying to achieve, but by the end of this video, you should understand what you need to to get the best possible performance out of your particular system.