No 15 minute challenges, no bikinis (sorry) and no skipping over the details. In this video I show you how to install a set of coilovers in to an NB MX5. The process is almost identical for NA, and a lot of the same principles apply to just about every car. The video also covers the features and benefits of MCA Suspension coilovers, and why I chose them for Project MX5.

As someone who had never done anything like this before, the whole process took me around 4-5 hours on my own, and would definately be faster the next time having learned a few lessons in the process which are all covered in the video. I’d say allowing an hour per corner is reasonable. Faster still if you have a helper.

The only difficult part was getting the top nuts on the rear struts whilst holding them in place. I managed on one side but ended up getting helper on the other side to speed things up a bit and reduce the risk of dropping my shiny new MCA X-R coilovers. 


Equipment & Tools Required:

  • Jack (or Hoist)
  • 4 x Jack Stands (or Hoist)
  • A flat and even surface to work on
  • Wheel nut adaptor to suit your wheel nuts
  • Gloves (Optional but your hands will get VERY dirty without them!)
  • Torque Wrench (up to 95NM)
  • Breaker Bar (or 17mm wheel brace)
  • Deep Socket Set – (12mm – 20mm)
  • Ratchet
  • Extension Bar to suit Ratched/Sockets
  • 17mm Spanner
  • Hex keys or Hex Head set for Ratchet
  • Penetrating lubricant to assist with bolt removal (I used WD-40)
  • Spring Compressors (Optional but recommended if you’re doing this on your own)