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Cammus C12 Detailed Review

CAMMUS C12 Direct Drive Steering Wheel – Detailed Review

What if I told you you could buy a Direct Drive sim racing wheel that’s compact enough to easily stash away when not in use, packs more punch than most people will ever need, and costs half as much as a comparable system from another brand? Meet the Cammus C12 Direct Drive Sim Racing Wheel.…

Cammus C5 Review

Cammus C5 – Cheapest and Smallest DD Wheelbase

Cammus C5 Review The Cheap and Tiny Direct Drive Wheelbase Punching Way Above Its Weight! Just recently there has been a ferocious battle for the cheapest Direct Drive Sim Racing Setup.  MOZA Racing with their entry-level R5 Wheelbase, which can be bundled with a wheel and pedals for just…