The word “NISMO” will immediately resound with die-hard JDM fans around the world. The name is synonymous with the pinnacle of Japanese sports cars, but has laid mostly dormant in Australia in recent times.

In fact the last time we really heard much from Nissan’s performance division was back in 2006 when they showed off their NISMO Enhanced 350Z at the Sydney Motor Show.

But with the announcement of the insane NISMO GT-R, also came the announcement that the vehicle would be sold in Australia from February 2017, albeit at a price tag of $300,000. Yes, you read that correctly, more than twice the price of a regular GT-R. So what does all that extra coin get you besides immense bragging rights?

Well first up, the NISMO GT-R boasts 441kW, with  652Nm of torque, propelling the supercar from 0-100km/h in under 3 seconds. the car will also feature GT3 race car-spec turbos, Bilstein dampers, as well as a more agressive bodykit and wing so everyone knows you’ve got the NISMO one!

Too expensive? Apparently not everyone thinks so. The car is already sold out until 2018.

With other performance divisions such as Mercedes Benz AMG and BMW M-Performance doing so well in Australia, this comes at the right time. Nissan Australia CEO Richard Emery, who not so coincidentally twisted Nissan Japan’s arm and convinced them to race in the V8 Supercar series with the Altima said:

Nismo can’t be around spoilers, alloy wheels and a stripe; it needs to be bedded in real performance offerings with the Nismo badge.

Richard Emery certainly seems to have his head screwed on straight, and is determined to bring back “the emotional connection to the Nissan brand which has been missing for the last four or five years…”.

Looking forward to seeing this success story unfold!