This system has been an exciting project over the last few months as we’ve taken on some incredible bits of gear to put through the Boosted Media review process.

While the triple 4k 65″ screen setup likely isn’t the best option for your daily sim racing needs, it has been a great tool for us to get some truly unique footage while reviewing other bits of gear as they come through!

So lets take a look at everything that makes up this crazy rig!

Sim-Lab P1-X

The Sim-Lab P1-X aluminium profile cockpit has been the foundation of the Boosted Media rig since March 2019.  It has served us well as we add/remove/change our setup for various reviews.  We also know we are testing out new hardware that has been mounted without compromise.

The assembly of the P1-X was as smooth, and enjoyable with no major problems slowing us down. And having used it now for over a year on our main system we can happily say that this is a great quality product that will not let you down.

If you’d like to purchase a Sim-Lab cockpit and would like to help support Boosted Media at no additional cost to yourself. Using the following Digital Motorsport link will send a small commission our way to help keep us making videos. Thanks very much for the support!

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SimCore UM-1 Motor Mount

At the pointy end of Sim Racing Hardware, seemingly subtle differences can make a profound difference in the overall driving experience. Today we take a detailed look at the UM1-ALN/ALF Motor Mount from Australian Manufacturer SimCore. This mount is available in a range of configurations to suit Fanatec DD1 and DD2 as well as Simucube Sport, Pro and Ultimate, MIGE, LENZE and AKM Series 5 Servo Motors.

In our experience, the UM1 has had a significant impact on the overall driving experience on the Boosted Media rig.  Besides being the most solid wheel base mount we have used, the adjustability is quite simply brilliant.  With such an easy to use system we have found ourselves more willing to make small adjustments when switching from Formula to GT to Rally style driving.  This really does make it one of the most valuable additions to our system to date.

Custom monitor stands

To hold up our monster monitors, Trak Racer kindly provided us with what is essentially their 8020 Black Aluminium Floor Triple Monitor Stand with additional lengths of profile and 2 extra legs to accomodate the size and weight of our 3 x 65″ screens.

We were then able to use Crest TV wall mounts to fix our screens on to the profile.  These vesa mounts which were purchased at our local hardware store are designed for big screens up to 90″ for Home Theatre use and have worked a treat in this setup.

Luso Motors RCC V2 Seat

This eye catching and light weight seat has served us well for hundreds of hours now.  The light weight being an important feature to ensure you are getting as much performance from your motion systems as possible.

We would prefer to have more elbow room than you get with the high sides of this seat, which has been amended in the newer Mk3 version of the Luso Motors RCC.

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Next Level Racing Traction Plus

After a relatively simple installation, the Next Level Racing Traction Plus has added a real wow factor to this rig.  While it is arguable whether or not this style of motion platform will improve your lap times, it is definitely a lot of fun!

Because our monitors are in a fixed position (i.e. not moving with the platform) we incorporated a TrackIR 5 Head tracker.  This tracks the movement of the seat and compensated for this change in position by adjusting the in game camera.  When our seat twists to the left the camera will rotate to the left as well so that when we are looking straight ahead, we are still centred in the car.

Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3

We’ve had the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 on our sim rig for 18 months now, in fact it’s one of only two components that haven’t been upgraded in that time.
This seat mover impressively simulates the sensations felt through the seat of a real car giving your body an array of cues to to heighten immersion and provide feedback on what is happening in your Sim.   After spending hundreds of hours sat on top of the NLR Motion Platform V3, it has proven to be reliable, easy to setup and fine tune, and lots of fun.

ButtKicker Gamer 2

The other one of two components which hasn’t changed in the past 18 months!
The Buttkicker Gamer 2 adds a deep level of immersion and realism to your games, particularly simulator racing.

It works very much like a subwoofer, with the audio signal from your PC or Console being sent to an amplifier. This powers a voice coil inside a vibration transducer rather than a speaker, creating deep vibrations that let you feel what’s going on in the virtual world.

For sim racing, things are taken even further, with software packages such as SimVibe and SimHub allowing you to output specific signals to the Buttkicker to simulate things like ripple strip and tyre vibration, road texture, engine RPM and even the thud of a gear change in incredible detail. Note that for this to work, you will need a second audio output device available. Thankfully most DisplayPort or HDMI monitors have this functionality and you can simply use the headphone jack as an additional audio device to drive your buttkicker independently

Wind Sim

This simple DIY project has turned out to be a fantastic feature for our system.  While it can be argued that this does not provide a realistic sensation, it definitely gives you an increased sense of speed which brings even more immersion to the rig.

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OMEN X Emperium 65in Big Format Gaming Display

At 65 inches huge and boasting some seriously impressive specs such as 4K at 144Hz with Nvidia GSync, the OMEN X Emperium 65in Big Format Gaming Display is theoretically every gamer’s dream.

With it’s impressively low input lag this display panel is well suited to a serious gamer in a dedicated gaming space.  However if you are willing to sacrifice a little input lag you may be able to find a better image quality on some newer displays.

Now running three of these as our main sim displays we can gladly say that they have served us very well for hundreds of hours with no reliability issues at all.

Grab yours via the following links:

Simtag Tilton Black Edition Hydraulic Pedals

These pedals utilise real life race car parts including Tilton 600 series pedals and Wilwood Master and slave cylinders and provide a very realistic pedal feel which has allowed me to achieve faster and more consistent lap times.  Having now used them for well over 100 hours they are proving to be the most reliable set of Hydraulic Pedals we have tried here at Boosted Media.

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Simucube 2 Ultimate

While it’s hard to say this high end wheel base isn’t overkill, it is most definitely brilliant.  With 32Nm max torque it is an absolute beast that you will have no trouble getting dialled to your exact liking.

If you dream of something like this, we highly recommend the Simucube 2 Sport and Pro wheelbases which share a lot in terms of driving experience at a much more pallatable price point.  Make sure to check out our direct comparisons.

Find your local Simucube 2 distributor HERE:

Cube Controls GT-X

When Cube Controls recently released their most high-end steering wheel yet, it quickly became one of our favourite bits of sim racing gear. The GT-X, featuring a plethora of buttons, rotary encoders and paddles, as well as an integrated feature rich 4.3inch Ultimate Game Tech display.
At €1,736.00 Inc. VAT it’s certainly not cheap, which may steer you towards the reasonably priced GT-Zero stand alone rim to pair with your favourite button module.

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Simcore STD-24WS Wireless Button Box
MOMO Team 300 Rim

Another high quality product from Simcore with incredible attention to detail.  This highly customisable button box module is as classy as they come. Paired with the MOMO Team 300, this has become our go to round wheel worthy of a place on the Simucube 2 Ultimate.

Grab your Button Box HERE
Grab your Wheel and Button Box Combo HERE

Ascher Racing F28-SC

From a craftmanship and build quality perspective, the Ascher Racing F28-FC is one of our favourite wheels. The presence of two 7-way “funky switches” makes mavigating menus and pit stop management easy, and wireless integration with the Simucube 2 makes usage hassle free.

Cube Controls Formula Pro Wireless

This has become our go-to wheel for most formula style driving where a smaller diameter wheel is required simply due to the amount of functionality available whilst still maintaining wireless connectivity.

In particular, the presence of thumb encoders makes adjusting things like fuel trim and ERS mid corner easy without having to adjust your hand position or take your eyes off the road.

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Cube Controls OMP GT Pro Wireless

My Go-to wheel any time I want a larger diameter D-shaped wheel. With wireless connectivity and and a multitude of encoders and dials, this wheel is a great choice as an all rounder you can use for driving just about anything.

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MOMO Ultra 350

With it’s large dish and high quality striking appearance, this wheel is awesome for rally and drift style driving where you don’t want your hands getting caught up on buttons, dials and shifters.

Grab your MOMO ULTRA 350 HERE

Aiologs Handbrake & Shifter

The Aiologs handbrake and particularly shifter, remain one of the best value products we have seen at Boosted Media.  As far as value for money goes, these are right up there with the best.

The old school racing type design of these is one that gets us excited every time we see them, and the feel, precision and reliability has lived up to all the positive feedback these have received.

Australian Distributor: FREE SHIPPING with coupon code: “boosted”


Apex Race Deck + Elgato Stream Deck

It’s no secret that the Elgato Stream Deck is a great and versatile tool for streaming, content creation and sim racing, but it can be a real pain to mount.

Enter the Apex Sim Racing Race Deck!  This button box has given us solid and flexible way of having all the controls we need for streaming and Sim Racing within reach.

Our setup has the Elgato Stream Deck hooked up to our dedicated streaming PC for scene selection, stop start functions and various triggers, however there are endless possibilities for controlling your sim rig with the Elgato Stream Deck. Your creativity can be let loose to achieve the functionality you dream of.

Paired with Arduino based button module, there really are endless possibilities with this.

APEX Sim Racing:

Elgato Stream Deck:

Elgato Stream Deck XL:

Custom Sim Racing PC Build

When putting this PC together back in July 2019 it wasway over kill for a lot of people and a lot of the stuff that’s gone in to it is purely for visual impact, but as we progress through the build I explained in more details what components work well together, and all the techniques required to build a PC that will suit your specific needs.

CASE: Antec Torque PC Case (Black/Red) –
NOTE: Mine is the White/Black but is hard to find.

Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme GeForce RTX 2080 Ti –
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero –
Intel i9 9900K Processor –
Samsung 970 PRO NV.ME m2 SSD –
G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series (4x8GB) DDR4 32GB 3200MHz RAM –
POWER SUPPLY Corsair AX1200i Power Supply –

EK-Velocity CPU WaterBlock –
EK XTOP Revo D5 RGP PWM Pump –
EK X3 250 RGB Resevoir –
EK Coolstream XE 360 Radiator –
EK HD PETG Tube 12/16mm 500mm (2 pieces) –
Thermaltake Pacific Hard Tube Bending Kit –
18 x EK HDC 16mm Rigid Tube Fitting Nickel –
EK AF 2 Way Ball Valve G1/4 Nickel –
3 x EK AF Angled 90 Degree G1/4 Nickel –
EK CSQ G1/4 Plug with EK Badge Nickel –
Arctic Silver 5 (3.5g) –