It’s a well established fact that technologies at the pinnacle of the automotive industry such as Formula 1 and Hypercar development eventually trickle down in to the cars we drive everyday. 

In this fascinating video by /DRIVE, Christian von Koenigsegg explains the many advantages of his company’s Freevalve technology.



To give you a taste, the advantages include:

  • 47% increase in torque with their comparison conventional motor of the same displacement
  • 45% increase in power as above
  • ~35% lower emissions
  • ~15% less fuel consumption
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Reduced weight
  • Improved cooling efficiency
  • Reduced raw material requirements
  • Reduced production costs
  • No need for Direct Injection – reduced complexity
  • Cam-less operation which enables:
    • Total independent control of each valve
    • In-cylinder throttle control with greatly improved throttle response
    • Boost control via the exhaust valves

Needless to say, this technology appears to tick all the right boxes and the future looks bright!