Back again today with another popular mod! Installing gauges in your car combines wiring skills with some light mechanical know-how, but once you know how, it’s actually a very easy and rewarding mod to do yourself.

Wiring will vary depending on the car you’re installing the gauges in to, and there’s a few different ways you can go about this.

Fuse taps allow you to simply piggyback off an existing circuit in order to get the power you need for your gauges. Simply connect them up to your gauge power wires, and install in your fuse box and your good to go. You can use any ground connection inside the car, then use your accessories fuse for power and headlights or taillights fuse for the dimmer circuit.


As an alternative to fuse taps, it’s relatively easy to tap in to your head-unit wiring to get the power you need, especially if your running and aftermarket head unit. Simply tap in to your Red wire for power, Black wire for ground, and Orange wire with White trace for the dimmer circuit.