In this video I show you how to download and install BMW Map Updates yourself using a USB stick. The process is very easy and you can save hundreds of dollars.


To Upgrade your maps you will need a Blank FAT32 Formatted USB Stick with at least 8GB of space, an upgraded map file and signle use or Once Only FSC Code.

Maps and FSC Codes are available from numerous different websites and ebay stores, etc. If you purchase a single use FSC code, you need not purchase another one next time you wish to upgrade your maps.

Note that FSC codes are generated using your VIN, and thus are unique. You can’t use someone else’s code. It’s possible to generate your own FSC codes too, but that’s beyond the scope of this video.

Let me be clear that it is illegal to download pirated copies of maps from the internet, so please do your research and make sure you are buying your maps and FSC code from an honest and legitimate supplier.

I take no responsibility for any ramifications from the purchasing or downloading of illegal materials.