In this video I complete my Demon Eyes installation by wiring them up to the MX5 with a remotely controlled switch. The switch is active at all times, meaning I can turn the lights (or any other accessory I connect) on and off any time i want from up to about 100m away, even when the car is off. COOL!

This same switch can be used to control just about any accessory you like. This particular module handles up to 5A of current, but you could always use it to trigger an auxiliary relay that handles more current if you needed to. Remote horn, anyone?



  • Remote controlled latching Relay Module
  • 20A JOWX Connector T-Type
  • 15A Wire
  • 7mm heatshrink
  • 2x Spade Connectors
  • In line fuse cartridge with 5A Fuse
  • 2x 2 pin connectors (from any auto or electronics store)