After many hours of trawling through various wiring diagrams and internet forums, it was starting to seem like there was no way to get the Low Beam to remain on whilst the High Beam is active without it stopping the High Beam indicator light on the dash from working.

With a lot of trial and error, but surprisingly no blown fuses, I was able to design a circuit that achieves what I was starting to think was impossible. The trick is to use relays to trigger the new High and Low Beams, with the rolling ground used to trigger the relays.

Because we are now only switching the small load of the relay coil rather than the globe itself, the low beam cut-off is not triggered, meaning both globes remain illuminated when the High Beams are activated, and the High Beam indicator lamp on the dash still works.

In this video I show you how to replicate what I have done, complete with wiring diagrams, how to build, and how to install.


Parts Used (available at most electronics stores):
15A Automotive cabling – 6m Red – 1m Black
2x 9005 connectors
2x 9006 connectors
5x ring terminals
3x spade connectors
6mm Heatshrink (Black)
6mm Heatshrink (Red)
2x 30 Fused 4pin Horn Relay
2x 30A Horn Relay Plugs
1x Fuse Cartridge (60A Fuse)

Circuit Diagram as shown in the video….