Cammus is a relatively new brand to Sim Racing who as well as some more conventional style wheelbases which we’re yet to test, also sell some interesting bases that integrate the wheel and base into a single compact unit which can be table or rig mounted.

Cammus gear is very aggressively priced and boasts impressive materials and presentation for the price, utilising things like genuine carbon fibre and machined aluminium. However the products we’ve tested do have a similar level or refinement to Moza, with minor defects being present on most of the samples we’ve received.. That said, the quality of the force feedback on all the bases that we’ve tested so far has been impressive for the money.

Their ecosystem is still somewhat immature at the time of writing, but they’re certainly one to keep an eye on into the future.

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Cammus ecosystem.

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CAMMUS Pros and Cons


  • Impressive Force Feedback for the money
  • Very compact systems available


  • No Native Console Compatibility
  • Integrated bases like the C5 and C12 do not have interchangeable wheels
  • Build quality and materials not as refined as other alternatives but OK for price
  • Current pedal offerings are inferior to competitors even at a similar price point
  • Immature ecosystem (no handbrake, shifter, etc).
  • Immature software that lacks a lot of the adjustments and features found elsewhere
  • Shipping price varies massively depending on location so shop around