One of the most commonly discussed topics in sim racing is the impact that equipment has on performance. Many people find their lap times and consistency improve dramatically with more expensive, better quality equipment, but at the same time there are so many examples of people who are unbelievably quick using entry level gear.

The following are lap times we have recorded using various equipment configurations using a Porsche 962 Short Tail around Nordschleife in Assetto Corsa with a fixed setup you can download and try for yourself (good for sub 6:10 in the right hands).

This data should not be considered a scientific test, nor conclusive when it comes to determining which sim racing equipment, and should be considered within the context of the video we’ve produced where we discussed the entire experience. It’s merely intended as a quick point of reference.

We will continue to update this table as we become faster at this track/car/sim combination and test with more gear.


CAR: Porsche 962 Short Tail

TRACK: Nordschleife


Equipment: Will’s Lap Time: Date: Tom’s Lap Time: Date:
Boosted Media Triple 65″ Motion Rig 6:33.578 (Paddles) 4th May, 2021 TBA N/A
NLR GT-Lite, Logitech G923 6:33.803 (Paddles) 4th May, 2021 6:25.463 (Paddles) 3rd May, 2021
NLR GT-Lite, Thrustmaster TS-XW 6:37.289 (Paddles) 10th May, 2021 6:23.927 (Paddles) 10th May, 2021