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The Simucube name is pretty much synonymous with Direct Drive sim racing wheelbases, and their parent company Granite Devices has a wealth of experience in mechanical engineering and mechatronics. Many people consider the Simucube bases to be the benchmark when it comes to force feedback quality, despite the product range being almost 5 years old now.

Simucube 2 bases are on the high end of the scale price wise, even with their cheapest 17NM Simucube 2 Sport base and it only goes up from there. However you are getting what you pay for and the products feel more like a piece of high end machinery you’d find in a manufacturing facility than a video game input device.

Their ecosystem is somewhat limited, with only a few of their own wheels available, and their active pedals which are revolutionary for sim racing, but also prohibitively expensive.

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Simucube ecosystem.

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Simucube Reviews by Boosted Media

Simucube Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional build quality, materials and refinement
  • Industry leading Force Feedback quality
  • 360Hz Force Feedback in iRacing
  • Excellent adjustability and very refined Force Feedback
  • Cloud based Force Feedback Profiles
  • Continuous innovation with exciting products like active pedals
  • Backed by a large parent company with greater resources than some smaller competitors


  • No Native Console Compatibility
  • Limited ecosystem with no shifter or handbrake and only a small selection of wheels
  • No provision for connecting wheels electronically through the wheelbase
  • Batteries required for any wheel which connects wirelessly
  • Price and quality potentially past the point of diminishing return vs modern competitors