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Thrustmaster FAQs

How To Open Thrustmaster Control Panel

The Thrustmaster Control Panel can not be opened through the start menu. Instead, find the Thrustmaster control panel and Thrustmaster settings by going to:

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Scroll down to “Media Devices” > Right Click your Thrustmaster device > Game Controller Settings > Properties

How To Connect Thrustmaster to Xbox one

Thrustmaster wheels with XBOX compatibility include the TS-XW Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel, T248, TMX Force Feedback, Ferrari 457 Spider Racing Wheel, T3PM Pedals, and many other accessories. Xbox Compatible Thrustmaster devices are plug-and-play.  Just power them up, plug in the USB to your Xbox and away you go!

How to Setup Thrustmaster t80 On PC

Head to the Thrustmaster Support Page to download your T80 drivers
With your t80 UNPLUGGED, open the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install the software.
You will see the message “Please Connect all of the Thrustmaster products you want to install” – Plug in your device now and hit next.  Then just lick finish and open up your game! Once complete, your wheel should be detected.

Thrustmaster Where To Buy

Thrustmaster is available around the world through many physical stores and online retailers.  But to get 5% off, use our Thrustmaster Discount Code “Boosted” at Pagnian Advanced Simulation.

What Is The Best Thrustmaster Wheel?

The Thrustmaster T300 is widely considered one of the best value sim racing wheels from any brand.  It is reliable and provides a good force feedback experience for a low price.  While there are more expensive Thrustmaster wheel bases that provide more strength and detail, the T300 has become a benchmark for budget-friendly sim racing wheels.

Is Thrustmaster good?

Yes! Considering the low prices, and high availability of Thrustmaster Sim Racing gear, they offer a very good range of Sim Racing products to suit more entry-level racing simulator setups.  Although there are much higher quality sim racing peripherals available from the likes of Fanatec, MOZA, and Simucube for example, that comes at a significant cost.  So if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get into sim racing, Thrustmaster is a great option.

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