Installing Mods - Tracks - Cars - Weather - Traffic - Shaders & More

Today’s video has to be one of the most requested of all time. Assetto Corsa is without a doubt one of the most, if not the most versitile driving sim on the market with an absolutely massive and supremely talented modding community behind it who have created everything from open world tracks and wild cars, to weather and time of day!

Getting all this up and running can be a little overwhelming despite not being overly complicated, so today we’re going to go through all the steps required to get Content Manager and essential mods like Custom Shaders Patch and SOL installed, then take a look at installing tracks, cars and other mods.

Essential Assetto Corsa Mods

Content Manager

Content Manager is a replacement User Interface for Assetto Corsa.  This widely used piece of software gives you the ability to create race sessions, adjust graphics and control settings, and manage your Assetto Corsa Mod installations. You can then launch directly to the Assetto Corsa gameplay. This completely bypasses the standard Assetto Corsa menu and user interface. There is so much you can do in Content Manager that it can seem overwhelming, but it is well worth the learning curve if you want to get the most from Assetto Corsa.

Download Assetto Corsa Content Manager Here

Custom Shaders Patch

Custom Shaders Patch is an absolute game changer when it comes to Assetto Corsa Mods.  Easily installed within Content Manager, this patch gives mind-blowing features to Assetto Corsa like dynamic lighting and weather, physics extensions, and a plethora of graphics enhancements.


Another essential Assetto Corsa mod, SOL provides additional weather and time of day effects.  SOL provides incredible visuals which will genuinely bring a huge amount of immersion to your Assetto Corsa experience!
You can download the SOL mod here.

Tracks and Cars

Assetto Corsa has a huge community of talented modders constantly creating new tracks and cars. This active community makes Assetto Corsa one of the most extensive sim racing titles for a huge variety of driving styles.

Some links to help get you started with Assetto Corsa Track and Car mods:

Race Department

AC Mods

My Favorite Assetto Corsa Mod

There are so many that it’s impossible to choose a single favorite.  But a definite stand out Assetto Corsa Mod for me is “High Force” by “Brun”.
This real-life replica of the English countryside is mind-blowingly accurate.  I took the time to compare the mod to real-life images via google maps and was blown away!