Asetek SimSports first offering to the Sim Racing market was the Invicta Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals.  These high-end pedals were built with aim of creating the most realistic driving experience when it comes to GT3 and Formula-style racing.  And while it’s a slightly controversial discussion point, in practical terms that means the Invicta Hydraulic brake pedal is very stiff, with short travel.  This forces the driver to rely on muscle memory and promotes good driving techniques when it comes to threshold braking and trail braking.

We took a close look at the pedals to see if Asetek’s history in high-end PC cooling, and motorsport has come together to create the ultimate Sim Racing Pedal Set!

Since filming this review, Asetek has released a complete ecosystem of Sim Racing gear!  Be sure to check out our complete guide to the Asetek Sim Racing Ecosystem.

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