Much to the disappointment of the more hardcore Sim Racing community, EA SPORTS WRC does not currently have proper native triple-screen support with perspective correction, which has been a deal breaker for many.

As it turns out, Unreal Engine 5 has some post-processing parameters you can use to effectively “unstretch” the side monitors. While it’s not perfect and not a replacement for proper perspective correction, it certainly greatly improves the experience.

Full credit goes to Steam Community Member “bohoa” for this fix.
Please visit the original thead on the Steam Community Forums for more information and ongoing updates to the suggested parameters.

Engine.ini Directory – Paste into an explorer window – “%LOCALAPPDATA%\WRC\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”
Settings that work well for Triple 32in (1440p with 60 degree angles) – Paste at bottom of Engine.ini
[SystemSettings] r.Upscale.Panini.D=0.5