Today we’re very excited to be sharing with you our first impressions of the new Fanatec CSL Pedals and CSL Pedal Clutch Kit.

These new pedals look to offer a great entry point into the Fanatec Sim Racing Ecosystem, with features typically found on far more expensive pedals, so let’s see how they stack up!

Before we get started here, as with our recent Fanatec CSL DD article, we need to make a few things clear. What we’re looking at today is a pre-production sample, so right from the onset you need to understand that this is not the exact same product that you will be receiving if you choose to buy this product. Because of this, we won’t be following our normal “review” process, that will of course come later once we have our hands on a final production unit.

While this is of course not ideal and we would have loved to be able to put together a “proper review” before the CSL Pedals were available for pre-order, the information we’ve been been told our sample is very close to final production, and what we’re looking at today SHOULD at the very least give us a good indication as to what we can expect from the final production models when they become available. But please do keep in mind that there are no guarantees the experience won’t change between now and final production.

The aim today is to use this pre-production sample answer as many questions as we comfortably can, and arm you with as clear a picture as possible prior to reviewing the final production version.

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Clutch Kit – $39.95





Clutch Kit – €39.95





Clutch Kit – $64.90



10,500 JPY


Clutch Kit – 5,490 JPY


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– Two-pedal set (throttle and brake), upgradeable to three pedals
– All-metal construction (excluding pedal faces). Pedals are made from heavy steel, which helps to prevent the set from sliding on the floor (if not hard-mounted to a rig)
– Optional anodised aluminium pedal plates
– Contactless Hall sensors (12-bit) on both brake and throttle for high precision and durability
– Brake pedal spring is stiffer than throttle pedal spring, PU foam damper adds
additional resistance for progressive braking feel
– Upgrade to a three-pedal configuration with Clutch Kit or Load Cell Kit
– CSL Pedals Clutch Kit provides a third pedal for the lowest price
– CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit also provides a third pedal, and upgrades the brake and electronics
– Pedal position can be adjusted sideways along heel rest
– Height-adjustable pedal faces
– Modular design means inverted mounting to a rig is possible
– Vertical rear plates allow pedals to be easily braced against a wall or other vertical
– Pearl chrome plating on pedal bases and arms
– Black powder coating on heel rest
– Pedals connect directly to all compatible Fanatec Wheel Bases

– PC: The CSL Pedals package does not come with a USB connector and must be
connected directly to a compatible Fanatec Wheel Base. To operate as a standalone
input device, use the ClubSport USB Adapter (available separately) or the CSL
Pedals Load Cell Kit (coming soon). The Load Cell Kit adds a USB connector.
– Consoles: This pedal set can be used on gaming consoles, if connected through a
Fanatec Wheel Base / Racing Wheel. Check the Fanatec product page for relevant
information on how the pedals connect to your console. It will not work on consoles if
connected with the ClubSport USB Adapter.

Compatible with:
– All CSL Elite Wheel Bases
– CSL DD Wheel Base
– All ClubSport Wheel Bases
– All Podium Wheel Bases
– ClubSport USB Adapter
– CSL Pedals Clutch Kit
– CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit

Special Notes
– The CSL Pedals Clutch Kit is not required if you purchase the CSL Pedals Load Cell
Kit (coming soon). The Load Cell Kit replaces the standard brake pedal, allowing you
to convert it to a clutch pedal.
– The CSL Pedals Clutch Kit does not add USB functionality. USB functionality is only
possible with the ClubSport USB Adapter or CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit.