Ascher Racing has been my benchmark for high-quality Sim Racing Wheels since we first reviewed the F28 – SC wireless wheel back in 2020. Since then, Ascher Racing have teamed up with KW Automotive to increase their production capacity while maintaining the same attention to detail and quality we have come to expect from Ascher Racing.

The F64 V3 is no exception, with a beautiful build and finish, but the stand-out feature of this wheel is the huge amount of inputs available to you.  So check out our detailed video for all the details, and read on here to find out exactly why the Ascher F64 V3 could be the best Sim Racing Wheel for your Sim Rig.

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ascher f64 v3 review
ascher f64 v3 review

Ascher Racing F64 V3 Features

  • Wireless model for untethered connection to Simucube 2 Bases
  • USB model for other bases (PC Only)
  • Rechargeable Battery with 800 hrs runtime
  • 285mm diameter
  • 14 x push buttons
  • 2 x 7-way “Funky switches”
  • 2 x Rotary encoders with push buttons and two modes
    • Push button mode: standard rotary encoder with push button
    • Shift mode: Push and turn for a second assignable function
  • 2 x Thumb encoders
  • 2 X Multi-position switches with two modes
    •  Mode 1: Standard multi-position switch
    • Mode 2: Shift mode
      • multi-position switch changes the function of the thumb encoder
  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Contactless analog paddles
  • Bite point clutch configured on the wheel or in the software
  • CNC machined and anodized from automotive-grade aluminium

Build Quality

The current generation of Ascher Racing wheels has retained all the magic of their earlier wheels when it comes to craftsmanship and build quality.  The CNC machined and anodized aluminium housing and 5mm thick aluminium faceplate of the F64 v3 leave no room for improvement when it comes to strength and rigidity.

The magnetic shifters are still up there with my all-time favourite shifters.  they provide a very satisfying snap when shifting gears and the aluminium paddles are rigid and have an expensive feel when driving without gloves.  They are however on the louder side if that is a concern to you.

All encoders have aluminium knobs providing that high-end, cool-to-the-touch feel.  And while it is a matter of opinion, I think they have nailed the feel of the rotary encoders, with perfectly weighted detents.  this allows you to confidently make adjustments while driving without losing track of how many clicks you’ve made, or struggle to make changes on the fly.  The push buttons are also among my favourites on any wheel.  Check out our full video review for more details and comparisons to other wheels.

Ascher f64 v3 quality
Ascher f64 v3 quality
Ascher f64 v3 quality


After using this wheel for a range of cars for a number of hours I have been really happy with the overall feel and ergonomics of the F64 V3.  285mm for me is the perfect diameter to cover all your formula and GT car needs.  The wheel is very well balanced and not excessively heavy like some high-end wheels, meaning you won’t have any issues with the wheel having a dampening effect on wheelbases with less strength.

While I’m not a big fan of the sticky rubber grips, they are a very comfortable shape and offer a good amount of squishiness and comfort for long-driving stints.  If you are driving without gloves, the stickiness does give you additional grip, but at the expense of them picking up dirt and debris quite easily.

I have no concerns when it comes to thumb space in tight turns or the general usability of the wheel. It would be nice if they had managed to get the thumb encoders near the top of the wheel.  Having them positioned down low does make it slightly more difficult to make changes while cornering or racing door to door.  But I am still very glad that the thumb encoders are there.

The huge amount of inputs available from the dual-mode encoders is a really cool feature that I’m sure some people will really enjoy.  I personally very rarely need anywhere near this many inputs on a wheel so I’m sure it will cover all possible scenarios with extras at hand.

Ascher F64 Review


If you like the look of the Ascher F64 v3, you will definitely appreciate the quality and functionality once on your rig.  My only real concern would be for those who rely heavily on thumb encoders mid-corner.  You may want to look at the similarly priced Cube Controls F-Pro which has 2 thumb encoders on each side. They are very easily reached without adjusting your hand position. Or if you’re thinking that the Ascher 64 v3 is stretching your budget a little too far. I’d recommend you check out our review of the Cube Controls F-Core.  Which has similar functionality to the F-Pro, and an impressive build quality or a much lower price point.

Ascher Racing has created a real work of art with the F64 v3 just as they have done with previous generations.  With the added functionality on the V3, I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time with this wheel on my daily driver rig.

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