Fanatec Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3

When Fanatec announced they were releasing a wheel that could be used in both your real-world BMW M4 GT3 Race car and your Fanatec Sim Racing wheelbase 2 people thought it could be handy. The rest of us started to debate what this real-world racing wheel would cost for Sim Racing, and why you would want this luxury item!

We now know this wheel will set you back €1499.95, which despite being very expensive, isn’t completely ridiculous when compared to other ultra-high-end Sim Racing steering wheels.  For some people, knowing that their Sim Racing wheel is the exact same wheel used in the real-life BMW M4 GT3 is cool enough to justify spending more.  But if you are fortunate enough to be considering that, you’ll want to know if this wheel has the functionality, build quality and user experience worthy of an investment this size!

We took a detailed look at the Fanatec BMW M4 GT3 Steering Wheel and put it to the test to see exactly what you get for your money as a Sim Racer with this “Sim Racing meets real world” steering wheel.

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