The Fanatec CSL Universal HUB V2 is the native solution from Fanatec to get your favourite wheel rim working with a Fanatec Wheelbase.  I’m happy to report that after testing the CSL Universal Hub V2, our main concerns from the original CSL Universal Hub have been addressed quite well!

There is now metal bracing across the back of the unit which has definitely increased the overall rigidity of the unit.  The shifter paddles have also been overhauled and have far less flex than the original.  There is still some flex present, but I would say the shifters are now as solid as you would expect for a product at this price point.

Watch our full review video for all the details and our experience with the Fanatec CSL Universal Hub V2, or check out the pricing and features below.

Fanatec CSL Universal Hub V2 Pricing

The price will remain the same as the original at 149.95 EUR/USD, but they’re offering a deal on the CSL Universal Hub V2 + 9 selected wheel rims for 199.95 EUR/USD which you can find in the “Steering Wheels” category on the Fanatec site.

These can also be combined with their current CSL DD promotion, meaning you get a wheel and 5NM DD base for under 400 EUR/USD if you also add a set of pedals, which is pretty awesome if you don’t want the pedals they bundle in their other Ready2Race bundles.

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Wheel Rim Compatibility

As with the original CSL Universal Hub, the V2 can be used with any wheel rim using a 6 x 70 mm or 3 x 50 mm bolt pattern.

Wheelbase Compatibility

The CSL Universal Hub works with any of the Fanatec wheelbases, including high torque mode on the DD1 and DD2 when paired with a metal QR1 wheel-side quick release.

Console Compatibility

PC: The CSL Universal Hub is compatible with Windows PC
XBOX: Not compatible
PlayStation: Compatible when using a PlayStation-licensed wheelbase such as the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base or Podium Wheelbase DD1 PS4


  • Expanding design to suit a range of wheel rim sizes
  • Metal bracing
  • Shifter paddles with width adjustment from 214mm to 274mm at the widest point
  • Eight “snap-dome” standard buttons
  • 2-Way Rocker Switch
  • Tuning menu access for in-game force feedback adjustment
  • 7-Way FunkySwitch
Fanatec CSL Hub V2 Front
Fanatec CSL Hub V2 Back
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