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It’s been almost a year now since I made the decision to dive headfirst into Sim Racing. While I have been in the very lucky position to receive a lot of the upgrades I’ve done in the past year for free, I still made an initial investment of well over $3500AUD, and over the course of the past year, I’ve forked out well over $20,000AUD of my own money to get to where I am now.

Anyone who’s been into Sim Racing for a while will tell you it’s a slippery slope. But what is the experience actually like with a more moderately prices setup.

In this video series, we’ll be finding out!

Our friends at Next level Racing and FANATEC have very kindly provided some of their more entry-level gear, including the CSL Elite range and Challenger cockpit to put it to the test and see if it can provide a good experience for the money when compared to a more high-end alternative.