It’s been well over a year now since Fanatec discontinued the original CSL Elite Load-Cell kit, which served as a clear upgrade path from CSL Elite Pedals for those wanting to move from position based to force-based braking.

Since then, the CSL Pedals, along with a load-cell kit were released. However, these are positioned as entry-level products which have left many people hoping the CSL Elite Load-Cell would be offered again.

Enter the newly released Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2, which sees some very significant improvements and upgrades over its predecessor. Which improves not only the reliability but also the driving experience. So let’s run through exactly what’s changed, what that means for the driving experience, and how these new pedals compare to their predecessor as well as some alternatives.

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39,900 JPY



THE CSL Elite Pedals V2 feature an RJ12 connection, along with USB. This allows them to be connected either via your Fanatec Wheelbase, or directly to your PC via USB. When connected via your compatible wheelbase, these pedals will also work on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Importantly, the brake force can be adjusted via Fanatec’s on-wheel tuning menu system. This means you can make fine adjustments on the fly without loading up the software on PC. You can also make adjustments when racing on a Console, where adjustments at a game-level are not typically possible.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 Load Cell


The CSL Elite Pedals V2 look similar, but have been overhauled significantly.


Hall-effect sensors have replaced the potentiometers used previously on the throttle and clutch. The use of a magnetic field rather than moving parts to determine the pedal position should greatly improve consistency and reliability. As they were not sealed, dirt and debris could be ingested into the potentiometers. This lead to some cases of reliability and consistency issues.


The pedals now come fully assembled out of the box, and feature improved access to hard-mounting points. This is a very welcome change. There are now holes on the pedal tray directly above the mounting holes. You will no longer need to try and reach your mounting bolts awkwardly from the side.

Brake Pedal Overhaul

Fanatec have overhauled the brake which completely transforms the experience compared to the old design. This makes these pedals a significant upgrade over the CSL Pedals.

The load cell is now behind the elastomer stack rather than in the pedal arm. While the previous design worked, the position of your foot on the pedal could significantly impact the braking force. This is certainly not ideal in a pursuit where consistency is everything.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 Springs


The new design is more conventional, with a 200kg load-cell placed directly behind the elastomer stack to allow for a maximum braking force of 90KG. It is adjustable down to 10KG for those with a more sensitive touch. This, along with the included array of 65, 75 and 85 Shore elastomers and springs (which we’ll discuss in a moment) mean a good range of adjustability. Although to get the best experience from these pedals, you will certainly want to hard mount them.

It takes just a few seconds to swap the elastomers and springs with no need for tools. Making it feasible to change the mechanical setup of the pedals when switching between cars. On some other pedals (such as the Fanatec V3 load cell pedals), you are far less likely to bother making these changes due to the complexity.

The pedals feature the same modular design as the previous model. The clutch is removable, and the spacing between pedals is adjustable. However there is no adjustment for pedal angle on any of the pedals or adjustment for stiffness on the clutch or throttle pedals. This was also the case on the original Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals.


Straight out of the box, the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 have an excellent feel. There is absolutely no slop or dead zone in the pedals. They operate quietly, with rubber end stops eliminating metal-to-metal contact. The throttle and brake have a good feel to them. Essentially the throttle and clutch feel identical to the previous model, but with the added reliability provided by the new hall-effect sensors replacing previous potentiometers.

By default, the brake comes configured in the softest configuration, with a metal spring providing the sensation of initial uptake in the pedal. This simulates the gap between the pad and rotor closing. As you push through this phase, the pedal resistance becomes progressively stiffer until you reach the point where the pedal feels very stiff. This provides an excellent threshold point which you can push your foot to consistently, and then modulate around for threshold braking.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 Driving Test

The default softest stiffness is such that I wouldn’t recommend these pedals for use on a floor, or in any situation where they can’t be hard mounted to the chair so they won’t slide or tip. You can crank down the sensitivity, but you will lose the cues you rely on for consistent braking. This makes the load cell pretty much redundant. So I believe the CSL Pedals are the more cost-effective option for those without a way of mounting their pedals.

I drive with an extremely stiff braking pedal. Typically braking with a force of 65-70kg, but I was able to adapt to these pedals with no issues whatsoever. I was matching my lap times within an hour or so of driving. I ended up using the stiffer uptake spring, as well as a combination of 75 and 85 shore elastomers to provide the feel I like.


The CSL Elite Pedals V2 have really surprised me. For the asking price I think they are outstanding value and a clear upgrade from the CSL Pedals with Load Cell which we previously reviewed.

The new brake design is also a clear step up from that of the older V1 load cell design. Although adjustable, didn’t have the precision we experienced with the new V2 pedal.

While overall performance with these pedals is similar to that of the Fanatec V3 pedals with the Tuning Kit installed, the ease of adjustment provided by the CSL Elite Pedals V2 make them better value in my opinion. While you won’t get the vibration motors, 2-stage clutch,flashy appearance, and there’s no option to upgrade to dampers (which I don’t recommend you do with the V3 pedals anyway). These pedals give you everything you need to drive quickly and consistently at a very attractive price.

The best praise I can give these pedals is to say that I would quite happily run these on my daily driver rig. That is not something I would even say of some pedals we’ve tested that are more than 3 times the price of these.

Fanatec have done a great job with the CSL Elite V2 Pedals. I have no issues at all recommending them.

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