The Fanatec Gran Turismo® DD Extreme is a PlayStation and PC-compatible wheel and base combo that includes the extremely capable Fanatec ClubSport DD+ 15Nm Direct Drive wheel base with a new Gran Turismo wheel.  This 300mm round wheel, designed in conjunction with Polyphony Digital (makers of Gran Turismo), has some exciting upgrades over the GT DD Pro steering wheel which make it worthy of a place on the DD+ wheel base.  Not only does this wheel have an array of features designed specifically for seamless integration with Gran Turismo, but it is an extremely versatile wheel that will work very well for a range of driving styles from F1 to GT, drift and rally.

We took a detailed look at this new wheel and base combo to see who the Gran Turismo® DD Extreme is best suited to, and whether or not this could be the best Direct Drive setup for Playstation and PC Sim Racers

Pricing and Basic Features

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Fanatec CSL GT DD Pro

5Nm Direct Drive Wheel Base
280mm Round Wheel
CSL Pedals (Throttle and Brake)

With 8Nm Boost Kit 180

Fanatec Gran Turismo® DD Extreme

15Nm ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base
Gran Turismo® Extreme Wheel
(Exclusive to DD Extreme Package)
300mm Round Wheel
Leather Grip
2.7″ OLED display
19 Programmable RGB LEDs
4 x 5-Way Direction Sticks
7-way FunkySwitch
Magnetic Shifters
Analog Clutch Paddles

Fanatec ClubSport DD+

ClubSport DD+ Direct Drive Wheel Base
15Nm holding torque
FullForce detailed effects
Designed for QR2
High Slew Rate


The Gran Turismo® DD Extreme bundle is compatible out of the box with PlayStation and PC.  The wheel base can be used on Xbox when a Xbox-specific steering wheel is in use.

Throughout the entire Fanatec ecosystem, PlayStation compatibility comes from the wheel base and Xbox compatibility comes from the wheel. All products are PC-compatible.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the wheel base, be sure to check out our video on the ClubSport DD and DD+.  But here are some reasons for and against this bundle to help you decide if it is worth spending the extra US$300 on getting your DD+ as part of the Gran Turismo Extreme bundle. Keep in mind this wheel can not be purchased on its own.  So if you like the wheel, this bundle is your only option.


  • Significant upgrade in functionality and quality over GT DD Pro wheel
  • 300mm round wheel is perfect for versatility
  • Excellent button mapping options specifically designed around Gran Turismo but very good in many titles.
  • Magnetic Shifters
  • Analog Clutch Paddles
  • Specifically designed for QR2
  • 2.7″ OLED Display for tuning menu and telemetry


  • Comes with QR2 Lite Wheel-Side quick release (Still enables full torque on DD+ with this specific wheel)
  • Wheel can not be purchased on its own
  • Subjectively the appearance is fairly toy-like
  • Does not feel as premium as we hoped to be paired with ClubsPort DD+
  • Some slight creaking in plastic construction

Wondering if the Fanatec ClubSport DD+ is worth the upgrade from a CSL DD?
Check out our first look and driving tests of the ClubSport DD and DD+!

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