With a build quality and craftsmanship that is second to none, MME Motorsports have created a Sim Racing handbrake, sequential shifter and H Pattern shifter with sequential mode that has really caught our attention.  The H pattern is about triple the price of the widely used Fanatec H Pattern shifter.  So we took a close look at the entire MME range to see what you get for your money.

Build Quality

I would definitely recommend you take a look at our detailed video review to get a good understanding of what makes the build quality of the MME Sim Racing gear so good. the Precision and attention to detail in the CNC machines 7050 aluminium really is remarkable.  The tolerances they have achieved between different parts is very impressive, which results in a very sturdy and precise feeling on all three devices.  There is no movement or play on the shafts beyond that of the intentional mechanical movements.

It is clear that MME have not cut any corners when it comes to construction, and this is backed up by their lifetime warranty.  They are clearly very confident in their quality control, and from what we have seen they have every right to be.

MME H Shifter Review

MME H Pattern + Sequential Shifter

A big selling point for the dual mode H Pattern + Sequential shifter, is the ease of switching between modes without the need for any tools.  The process simply requires that you loosen a knob on each side of the shifter and slide them across to internally block the shaft from moving side to side. This quick and easy system makes it much more appealing to bother making the physical hardware change when changing cars in your Sim. For shifters that require tools to replace the H pattern gate and so on, if you’re like me you most likely just won’t bother to make the change.

What separates the MME from the much cheaper Fanatec H pattern shifter (which can be changed to sequential with the flick of a switch) is the tight and solid feel it provides.  While it does not really provide an extremely realistic feeling when shifting gears, it is a very intentional and solid feeling clunk.  Those tight tolerances mean there is no extra movement going on other than what is needed.  This results in a very easy to use shifter in H pattern, as the shaft seems to effortlessly yet purposefully drop in to each gear.  Again, be sure to check out a much more detailed description of this in our full video review.

The only real negative have with the MME H+ Sequential shifter is that you can not adjust the stiffness of the shifter mechanism.  I personally like how it is from factory and would not want to change it, but that is obviously a matter of personal preference, so the ability to adjust the stiffness as you can with the sequential shifter would be good. This could be a reason to choose the Sequential only shifter if you don’t really need H pattern.

MME Sequential Shifter

The MME has the same impressive construction and high-end feel as the H Pattern, with the important addition of an adjustable shift force.  It is a simple process but does require a tool to loosen a locking ring before you can adjust the force by rotating the entire shaft.  There is a good range of adjustability which should suit everyone.

MME Handbrake

The MME Handbrake has a nice progressive feel giving an intuitive feeling for modulating your input. This Sim Racing handbrake utilises a Hall Effect position sensor, rather than a load cell.  I do not feel that using a position-based sensor rather than a load cell is a problem at my level of skill in drifting and rallying.  But some elite handbrake users may think differently about this as a load cell can sometimes provide more precision when modulating the input.  Overall it is a really solid unit, that matches the high-end build quality of the MME Shifters, bringing added immersion to your rig.

MME H Pattern Shifter
MME Sequential Shifter Review