MOZA R12 Review

Has MOZA Racing found the Sweet Spot for A Direct Drive Wheelbase?

The MOZA R12 fills a big gap in the MOZA Racing Direct Drive Wheelbases line-up.  At 12 Nm peak torque, it hits a point in the market where there are not many options, but where I think could be the sweet spot when it comes to peak torque on a Direct Drive Sim Racing wheelbase.

So we took a close look at the MOZA R12, to see how it stacks up against the MOZA R9, MOZA R16, and other wheelbases from brands such as VRS, Asetek, and Fanatec.

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As part of this review, we also took a close look at the new MOZA KS Steering Wheel.  This 300mm Formula and GT style wheel is extremely good value when compared to much more expensive wheels, such as the MOZA GS Steering Wheel, Cube Controls F-Core and Asetek Forte Formula Wheel.  It also has some big benefits over the similarly priced Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel, which up until now, I have considered to be the best value Sim Racing wheel on the market.

Check out our detailed video review to help decide if the MOZA R12 and KS Wheel could be the perfect fit for your Direct Drive Sim Rig!

MOZA KS Wheel Review

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