The Next Level Racing GT Racer is one of the more entry-level sim racing cockpits in the Next Level Racing line-up. Coming in at around US$399 (check local shipping and taxes) it is significantly less than many of the other cockpits we have looked at with similar features such as the PlaySeat Trophy.

In this review, we’ll dive into the features and performance of the GT Racer, including the adaptability, adjustability, and rigidity.  We’ll also explore the driving experience, compare it to other cockpits on the market, and show you a cheap mod that made a huge difference to this rig.

So if you’re considering a step up from a desk setup or foldable cockpit to a more permanent and solid fixture, read on or watch our detailed review to find out if the NLR GR Racer is the right choice for you!

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Key Takeaways

  • The Next Level Racing GT-Racer provides a solid driving experience at an affordable price
  • Overall rigidity has some weak points, some of which can be significantly improved with a simple mod
  • Pedal tray and Wheel desk are very sturdy for this price bracket
  • Quite easy to get a comfortable seating position but somewhat limited in overall adjustability compared to more expensive rigs

Adaptability and Adjustability

The GT Racer offers a good level of adaptability and adjustability, making it suitable for a wide range of sim racing setups. The wheel deck supports all major sim racing brands, including Moza, Simmagic, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitech. The pedal tray also accommodates different pedal sets, although there are limitations due to the fixed angle of the pedals. However, most pedals in the price range of the GT Racer are compatible.  Check out our video to see which pedal sets worked for us.

The GT Racer allows some adjustability to the wheel deck, shifter mount, and seat position. The wheel deck can be adjusted forward and backward, as well as tilted to suit individual preferences. The shifter mount can be positioned on either side and adjusted up and down and forward and back depending on your shifter mounting style. The seat comes with a slider mechanism for forward and backward movement, as well as a reclining feature. Overall, the GT Racer provides a good amount of adjustability without compromising rigidity except for the seat.  Removing the seat slider and adjustable back could make for a much more rigid seat.

NLR GT Racer Review

Rigidity and Driving Experience

The rigidity of the GT Racer is a crucial factor in determining the overall driving experience. While the wheel deck and pedal tray offer solid rigidity, there are areas where flex is quite obvious. The linkage between the two halves of the rig and the shifter/handbrake mount are the weakest points in terms of rigidity. It is

However, a simple modification using ratchet straps can significantly improve the rigidity of the GT Racer. By attaching the straps between the seat rail and the uprights, the flex in the rig can be minimized. This modification made a huge difference to the driving experience by providing more consistency, a better braking feel, and a reduced damping effect on force feedback.

It is worth noting that the seat back of the GT Racer also exhibits some flex which is quite noticeable during heavy braking.  But overall, with the ratchet strap modification, the GT Racer offers a solid driving experience which is a definite upgrade from a desk setup or foldable cockpit like the NLR GT Lite Pro.

NLR GT Racer Review

Next Level Racing GT Racer VS PlaySeat Trophy

When comparing the GT Racer to other cockpits on the market, it stands out as a solid option in its price range. In terms of driving experience, it outperforms folding-style cockpits, offering better rigidity and consistency. While the Playseat Trophy is a more expensive option, the GT Racer provides a comparable driving experience at a lower cost. The Playseat Trophy does have better implementation of the shifter and handbrake mount, as well as a different seat design which is more rigid but maybe a little less comfortable for some people, but the GT Racer’s rigidity in the wheel deck and pedal tray is impressive for its price point.

In conclusion, the GT Racer from Next Level Racing is a worthy investment for sim racing enthusiasts looking for an entry-level cockpit. With its adaptability, adjustability, and solid driving experience, it offers great value for money.  So despite its weaknesses and limitations, it is a compelling choice if you are looking for something to upgrade from a foldable cockpit but don’t want to invest in something more expensive.