The Pimax Crystal VR Headset is undoubtedly a serious bit of kit when it comes to VR Sim Racing. With a total resolution of 5760 x 2880, you get extremely good visual quality that is definitely a contender for the best visuals of any VR Headset we have tested here at Boosted Media.

After our initial review, we were left frustrated by the difficulties we had getting this headset up and running.  We ran into lots of little bugs and glitches which really damaged the overall experience of the Pimax Crystal to the point that it was hard to recommend this product.

We have been chatting to Pimax about these issues since our initial review, and after some big updates, they were confident enough to send us a new headset along with the latest software and firmware updates.  So in our latest Pimax Crystal video, we take you along for the ride as we get the Pimax Crystal up and running on a fresh system.  We’ve kept this very raw so you see exactly what our experience was like.

Spoiler Alert:  As you’ll see from the video, the process of getting the Pimax Crystal up and running on a fresh system for Sim Racing was extremely straightforward. We didn’t run into any of the issues from our original review.  So, definitely check out our detailed review of the Pimax Crystal for all the important details like build quality and visual quality.  But keep in mind that since that review was filmed Pimax seem to have done a great job at ironing out those issues which caused us so much frustration!