The Qubic System QS-220-PL is a 3DOF Sim Racing Motion Platform that packs a serious punch!  With 4″ of travel and a maximum velocity of 800mm/s, it provides sim racers with highly detailed, and responsive feedback.  We tried out the extended set which, through its 4 x 4″ actuators provides 3DOF motion to your Sim Racing cockpit.

Watch our detailed review video to fully understand what the Qubic Systems QS-220-PL is capable of and how it stacks up against other motion systems from DBOX, Next Level Racing and Sigma Integrale.

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  • Build quality above and beyond the needs of your every day Sim Racing rig
  • 4″ travel allows for a smoother return to centre, which helps maintain immersion
  • Extremely responsive to road textures and car movements
  • Ability to start with 2DOF and upgrade to 3DOF later
  • Intuitive software with depth in control and ease of use
  • Consistent feel between different sim titles


  • Lacks sensation of texture variation between tarmac and dirt (as most motion systems do)
  • Tall actuators can make installation and positioning more tricky
  • Lack of convenient ways to mount control boxes to a typical profile sim rig
  • Sharp edges on top of actuators can lead to a painful bump
  • Price!