Thrustmaster’s newly released SF1000 Ferrari Formula Wheel Add-On aims to fill a gaping hole in the market when it comes to full featured sim racing wheels with integrated screens at more affordable prices.

So today we’ll run you through the details of the wheel, form the hardware to the software and driving experience so you can decide if this is the wheel for you!

Thanks to Pagnian Imports for lending us this wheel to review.

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The Thrustmaster SF1000 Formula Wheel Add On fills a gaping hole in the market for a wheel with an integrated dash at an affordable price.

The 25 “action buttons”, especially thumb encoders, provide a big advantage when driving F1 cars. The ability to easily change the huge amount of assignable parameters gives you a genuine improvement in performance and immersion.

Construction quality is very good for this price range with an attractive, genuine carbon fibre design. The rotary encoders, particularly our centre dial with ferrari logo, look a little cheap, however they do have a nice solid feel to them.

The shifters feel very good.  We haven’t tried the upgraded shifters, and don’t feel the need to do so.

Thrustmaster SF1000

LED strips work straight out of the box with great functionality.

The ability to mirror the MFD of the codemasters f1 games on the integrated dash really adds immersion to the driving experience.  The resolution is adequate, and the only features missing are a leaderboard and the ability to customise the display.

Overall, functionality, ergonomics and quality of this wheel are very exciting, fingers crossed we see the list of compatible titles increasing in the near future.

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