Previously on Boosted Media we took a detailed look and shared our experience with the Simucube ActivePedals. While the ActivePedals proved to be very cool when used for all three pedals it is clear that the real benefits are primarily for the Brake pedal.  So Simucube have given us the option of a “passive” throttle pedal which can be used alongside the ActivePedal for a much smaller cost than having two (or three) ActivePedals on your rig!

While the Simucube Throttle is much cheaper than the ActivePedal, it is still quite expensive for a single throttle pedal, so our expectations are very high when it comes to build quality, adjustability, and driving experience.  So we took a detailed look at the Simucube Throttle and put it to the test to see if it meets those expectations, and whether or not this option makes the ActivePedal an unnecessary expense.

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