Turtle Beach are well-established within the gaming industry, with their headsets found across major retailers throughout the world. They also sell a selection of Flight Sim hardware.

They now enter the Sim Racing scene with their VelocityOne Race package, comprising of a Sim Racing Wheel and Pedal System complete with a 300mm D Shape Wheel with an array of buttons and dials, a 7.2NM Peak Direct Drive wheel base with integrated dash, button box, and a 3 pedal set with Load Cell brake.

The complete package will set you back US$649, which is competitive given how much you get in the package, but is a significant investment in a market where there are quite a few options.

So for around twice the price of a Logitech G923, and similarly priced to some of the Fanatec Ready To Race Bundles, the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race needs to deliver on more than just the feature list.

We took a close look at Turtle Beach’s first Sim Racing product to see if the build quality and overall user experience of the VelocityOne Race is worth your attention and a place in your gaming setup.

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Main Features:

  • Direct Drive Wheel Base
    • XBOX and PC Compatible
    • 7.2Nm Peak Force
    • Integrated Dash
      • 3 Dash Screens for Telemetry Display
      • Control of Wheel Base Settings via wheel
      • Control of Audio Interface via wheel
    • Audio input/output for headset connection
  • 300mm D Shaped Wheel
    • 2 X Thumb Toggles
    • Magnetic Shifters
    • Analog Clutch Paddles
    • On-wheel control of dash, audio, and settings
  • 3 Pedal Set
    • Load Cell Brake
    • 50KG Braking Force
    • Lateral brake position adjustment
    • Non-slip pads for use on carpet
  • Button Box
    • Detachable
    • Power buttons for Wheel Base
    • 6 Buttons
    • 5 Latched Toggle Switches
    • 3 Rotary Dials


  • Lots of features for the price
  • Integrated Table Clamp is solid
  • Pedals work well on carpet
  • Quick Release to detach wheel
  • Standard mounting pattern for wheel base
  • Dash presents well
  • Grab it from a real shop


  • D-Shape Wheel makes drifting difficult
  • Thumb dials are toggle switches, not rotary encoders
  • Huge amount of flex on paddles and button box
  • Analog paddles do not have dual-clutch bite-point mode
  • Stop button on button box turns off wheel base very easily
  • Weaker feeling than similarly priced CSL DD (8Nm)
  • Very limited adjustment for Force Feedback
  • Limited sensation of the weight or balance of car through Force Feedback
  • No physical brake force adjustment
  • 3 presets for brake sensitivity in software, 2 of them are terrible
  • Lots of flex in pedals when mounted to a cockpit