VRS has a solid position in the Sim Racing hardware market with the excellent value Direct Force Pro Wheelbase and DFP Pedal Set.  They have now completed the ecosystem with the Direct Force Pro Formula Steering Wheel.  But there’s a catch!  Their only native steering wheel option comes in at twice the price of their 2 Pedal Set and is more expensive than their 20 Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase.

When compared to third-party high-end Sim Racing Wheels, the price tag puts it in the same league as wheels such as the Ascher Racing F64 V3, and Cube Controls F-Pro. But it only has a feature list comparable to the much less expensive Cube Controls F-Core.

So we set out to see where the value is in the VRS Direct Force Pro Formula Steering Wheel, and whether or not it is worth the money, and a spot on your Sim Rig!

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