Fanatec have just given most of their ClubSport Steering Wheel range a much anticipated refresh to “V2”.

Let’s cut straight to the chase…

Wheels which previously had fixed or non-interchangeable Quick Releases, including the ClubSport Universal Hub have now been updated to V2, which allows for the Quick Release to be removed (and upgraded to the new QR2 system further down the track when released should you wish to do so).

While details on the QR2 System are still scarce at this stage, we believe this upgrade will do away with any flex or play in the interface between the wheel and base as has been the case for some owners on the current QR1 system. We will of course be testing this first hand once the QR2 system becomes available, so stay tuned.

V2 wheels have also been upgraded to include the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module, which offers a very significant improvement over the spring based shifters which previously came standard, so that’s a big plus in our opinion!

You can check out our review of the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module here:

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