So you’re looking at buying some Fanatec Sim Racing gear? Great!

I get asked multiple times a day where the best place is to buy Fanatec products around the world, so in this quick article, I’ll do my best to explain how their online sales system works.

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend checking out my 2022 Fanatec Buyer’s Guide which outlines my latest recommendations and product info.

Fanatec operates primarily from a centralized Headquarters in Landshut / Bavaria. This is where all their customer service, sales, marketing and PR is managed. In addition to this, Fanatec also operates warehouses in North America, Australia, Europe and Japan where orders are distributed from, as well as local repair centres.

Fanatec products are not generally stocked in retail stores, so the best way to buy Fanatec products is direct via the online store for your region.

Should you require post-sales support, this is done via the support page on your region’s web store. In my experience, I’ve typically received a response within 48 business hours.




If you require additional support, below is a list of other useful links to various other 3rd party an community resources:

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