Simagic have established themselves as one of the key players in Sim Racing, with an extensive mid to high end ecosystem of direct drive bases from 10NM to 24NM in strength, as well as a variety of wheels, pedals, handbrakes and shifters which compete very aggressively against the likes of Fanatec and Moza.

They’ve also introduced innovative products like their haptic feedback motors for pedals, which integrate seamlessly into their ecosystem, but can also be paired with other brands, and this has become a real strength for them. Where other brands intentionally make it as difficult as possible to mix and match their product switch other brands, Simagic seemingly do the opposite.

    As part of our Essential Direct Drive Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we covered the most important details of the Simagic ecosystem.

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  • Extensive ecosystem that covers a variety of needs and budgets
  • Natively console compatible (PlayStation & Xbox)
  • Ability to tune force feedback and driving settings or switch profiles directly from the wheel
  • Excellent game compatibility and game level integration (Many games already have presets baked in, etc)
  • Excellent consistency in the driving experience between different games


  • Slow customer service at time of writing
  • Company’s current financial position appears unstable
  • Software on PC is outdated compared to competitors
  • Force Feedback locked out unless you use their wheels or hub adaptors