I’m very excited to get my hands on the newly released GTTrack from Next Level Racing! This cockpit offers a huge scope of adjustability as well as excellent rigidity to support high end direct drive sim racing equipment.

In this video we will focus on what you get in the box an how to assemble the GTTrack. In future videos we’ll be moving my simulator gear across to the new platform and reviewing it in more detail, along with Next Level Racing’s new Stand-alone Monitor Stand. We’ll also be doing some side by side comparisons with the Next Level Racing F-GT Cockpit.

Construction was very straight forward for this rig, and I encountered no issues with alignment or cross-threadding, etc during the assembly. As always, take your time and never force anything!

I’d like to thank Next Level Racing for kindly providing this equipment free of charge for the purpose of review for our simulator project! They were more than happy to assist when I reached out to them and have been fantastic to deal with.

While the equipment was provided free of charge, they are not paying me for this video and have not placed any conditions on what I can and cannot say, so I have done my best to be as unbiased and honest as I can in the video.

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