Overclocking can be a great way to squeeze extra performance from your system, but it’s also quite a steep learning curve. So in today’s video I’m going to take you through all the steps necessary for a basic overclock designed to maximise performance on a gaming PC.

We will be working with an Intel 11900K Processor and Asus Maximus XIII Hero Motherboard, but the basic fundamentals used in this video apply to most Intel processors from the last 5 generations, just make sure you research appropriate safe clock speeds and voltages for your specific configuration.

This guide is intended to teach you the fundamentals of overclocking and is not intended to be a “copy my settings” style video.

Boosted Media is not responsible for any property damage or injury caused by following this guide.


Hardware used in this video:
Intel 11900K
Asus Maximus XIII Hero
EK 360mm AIO Cooler
Corsair AX1000 Power Supply

Special thanks to ASUS and EK for supplying the motherboard and cooler for this video and to Scorptec for helping us source the other components.