Simagic is a brand that’s recently exploded on to the scene and gained a lot of attention by offering the cheapest available Direct Drive Wheelbase we’ve seen so far. But they’ve actually been quietly developing and selling their product in China since mid-2018, so they’re not exactly inexperienced when it comes to building sim racing gear.

In this video series, we’ll be taking a detailed look at the hardware (this video), the software, and the driving experience to see whether this gear is a worthy contender for your sim racing rig, or something to be avoided.


Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
GT1 Wheel Hardware Review: 4:16
GT4 Formula Wheel Hardware Review: 16:33
M10 Direct Drive Wheelbase Unboxing: 21:05
Look Inside – M10 Direct Drive Wheelbase: 28:40
Motor Discussion & Comparison: 32:32
M10 Wheelbase Installation & Flex Test: 37:50
Pricing & Customer Service: 44:15


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