In Part 2 of our Headlight Modification Series, I show you how to make a set of Demon Eyes for your headlights for less than $10. This means creating a demonic looking glow inside the projector housing.

The video is done on a set of Mazda MX5 NB Series 2 Headlights, but the principles and most of the technoque are the similar for most headlights. if anything, a lot of headlights are easier to do than these were.

I used 3 directional T5 LED globes which cost me just a few dollars off Ebay, but you can also buy RGBW colour changing kits which can be remotely controlled. it’s really up to you how far you want to go with it. For me I was happy with the red glow that will match the colour theme for the car well.

In a following video I’ll show you how to wire everything up.