When looking for the best sim racing cockpit for your needs, I believe three main factors which should be taken into consideration.  In our Advanced Sim Racing ASR-4 Cockpit Review we’ll look at:

  • Adjustability: Does the cockpit meet your needs for body shape and driving style allowing for optimum seating position and gear placement?
  • Adaptability: How easily can you expand the cockpit with additional components?  Shifter/handbrake/integrated monitors etc.
  • Rigidity: Is the cockpit stiff in all the right areas to provide a flex-free driving experience?

We’ll take a close look at how the Advanced Sim Racing ASR-4 stacks up against similar cockpits, such as the Trak Racer TR-120, in those key areas.  We’ll also show you why the ASR-4 is unique and brings another important factor into the equation for your consideration.

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Advanced Sim Racing ASR-4 Cockpit
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Advanced Sim Racing ASR-4: Pros and Cons


  • T-Nuts and profile channels allow for smooth and simple adjustment while holding gear securely
    • No difficulty inserting or removing T-Nuts from channels as needed
  • Excellent Pedal Plate options
    • Steel pedal plate is great for pedal sets which mount from the underside
      • Excellent rigidity for a pedal plate of this style
    • Aluminium Pedal Plate and heal rest provides maximum adjustability and rigidity for pedals that are mounted from the top
  • Suitable for drivers up to 6’6″ (198cm) Tall
  • Wheel deck options are plenty strong enough for their intended applications and provide good adjustability
  • Powder Coat finishes provide a unique and (subjectively) eye-catching and classy appearance
    • The finish has stood up to the abuse we have given it over the last 6 months with very minimal signs of wear

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  • Some end caps that have been taken off regularly have become loose causing them to rattle slightly when used with a motion system
  • Wheel deck height might be a little low depending on your height and wheel mounting requirements, but this is the same on every aluminium profile cockpit we have tested
ASR-4 Cockpit Powder Coat

ASR-4 Cockpit Review: Conclusion

When it comes to choosing between the Advanced Sim Racing, Trak Racer, Next Level Racing or any other aluminium profile cockpit, the biggest factor is likely to be availability and shipping to your specific location.  Shipping costs and import taxes could potentially play a much bigger role in making your decision than the subtle differences between cockpits.  However, it is great to see a significant point of difference when it comes to the appearance of the Advanced Sim Racing ASR-4.  If you love the look of the powder-coat finish, then that could be a valid reason to go with this cockpit.

Make sure to watch our complete review of the Advanced Sim Racing ASR-4, and our other cockpit reviews below to get a full picture of how these cockpits stack up against each other.  And be sure to check the manufacturer’s websites for complete pricing, including shipping and import taxes.