As I’m sure is the case for the majority of people reading this article, MOZA Sim Racing is a brand we hadn’t even heard of a few weeks ago.

Developed and manufactured in China by a team of ex BOSCH staff (or so we’re told), these brand new products fall under a new division of the MOZA brand who have been manufacturing other mechatronic hardware such as camera gymbals and even automotive active suspension systems for a number of years, both of which share many fundamental ties with the technologies used in Sim Racing Hardware.

MOZA Sim Racing are hitting the market with a complete ecosystem of products from a 21NM Peak and 16NM Peak Direct Drive Wheelbase, to Pedals and even a Digital Dash, and they’ve sent the full kit over for us to check out, so let’s dive in!

A full review and driving test will of course follow.

Check out the Moza Sim Racing Website